Drs. Combs & Lutz, LLC - New Orleans, Louisiana

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Drs. Combs & Lutz, LLC - New Orleans, Louisiana

Kenneth L. Combs, MD - Internal Medicine

F. Brobson Lutz, MD - Internal Medicine & Infectious Diseases

2622 Jena Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone:  504.895.0361   Fax:  504.895.5631

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2622 Jena Street  |  New Orleans, LA 70115  |   504.895.0361

Jena St. Officereception deskOur office is conveniently located next to Ochsner Baptist Medical Center, 2 blocks from Napoleon Avenue, and is home to Drs. Combs and Lutz and their staff.

See map below.

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 to 4 with early closing on Fridays. For appointments, call (504) 895-0361.

Visitor parking is available to the rear of the building.

Jena Street Map


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